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Smart Bleed / Brake Tech Brake Fluid Service


When it comes to safety nothing is more critical than your brakes. And since the deterioration of the brake system is so gradual, you're less likely to notice a problem until it's too late. Make sure brake fluid service is a part of your normal maintenance schedule.

Water in the brake fluid:

  • Lowers the brake fluid boiling point which may cause brakes to fail under these conditions: panic stops, stop-and-go driving or downhill braking
  • Causes corrosion of brake system parts
  • Causes expensive repair cost for brake system components.


Wynn's Smart Bleed Brake Fluid Service flushes system of old brake fluid. The complete brake system is vacuum flushed with complete evacuation of contaminated fluid and replenishment of system with fresh brake fluid. Brake fluid is electronically monitored during the bleeding process. This ensures complete fluid exchange (old fluid is replaced with new fluid) and assures that fluid is free of moisture and air. The results are superior braking and reliability.

Wynn's brake fluid exceeds U.S. Department of Transportation specifications and extends the life of the brake system, helping you avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs.


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