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Power Steering Flush Service


Rack and Pinion steering systems are well known for precise steering and excellent handling control. As with all quality machinery, the system needs periodic maintenance. Most importantly, power steering fluid, the lifeblood of your steering system, is subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure. The result of this pressure and heat is fluid breakdown, contamination, loss of lubricating properties and varnish deposits.

Wynn's Power Steering Rack and Pinion Flush Service was designed specifically to keep your steering system running smoothly, responsively and safely.

Used as a preventative maintenance it will:

  • Remove harmful deposits and impurities from the power steering system
  • Condition and revitalize seals and components
  • Help prevent hard-steering on cold starts
  • Help prevent internal power steering fluid leakage from developing

If you are already experiencing power steering problems, a Rack and Pinion Flush Service:

  • Could postpone or eliminate the need to replace components
  • Will clean, condition and prepare the entire system for the replacement of worn components
  • Help keep the same problems from developing again after repairs have been made


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