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Engine Oil Flush Machine Service


Heat, friction, dirt, moisture and dust are all destructive realities in your engine. These contaminants are found in every oil crankcase and eventually lead to oil oxidation and breakdown. Once breakdown takes place your engine is in the fast lane to catastrophic wear and eventual failure.

Slow the process of oil oxidation and breakdown and give your car's engine more miles down the road. Wynn's Supreme Oil Change Service was designed to prevent oil oxidation from occuring between regular oil change services, while it cleans sludge, varnish and other deposits that have already formed.

The Supreme Oil Plus Flush Machine Service is your protection against:

  • Contamination of the new oil by the old oil
  • Premature oil oxidation
  • The formation of oil sludge
  • Rust and corrosion resulting from combustion blowby gases

Patented Supreme Plus also helps protect against:

  • Losses in engine efficiency and fuel economy from friction
  • Engine wear in the critical metal-to-metal contact areas, such as between the rings and cylinder walls, bearings and valve train components
  • The formation of corrosive acids and harmful changes in the balance of the oil
  • The accumulation of high temperature varnish deposits
  • Restriction of oil flow
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